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Tom is offering a song cycle to churches, “Witnesses”, giving glimpses of Jesus as seen through the eyes of His contemporaries.

The songs are rooted in the New Testament, definitively recognizing Jesus as the Son of God while also drawing on imagination. What was it like to be an apostle in the boat during the storm? A bystander when Jesus heals a leper? One of the people who picked up a stone to hurl at the adulterous woman?

The songs are woven together with Scripture passages and narrative, to inspire, uplift, and connect our lives to His timeless one. Tom’s music is in the folk tradition—one guitar and one voice--and he has spent a lifetime honing his skills. 

If you are interested in having Tom provide this concert for your congregation, he would be happy to visit one of your church services and play a song or two, as an introduction to his music.

Here is a sample song from the concert: