Tom Renaud committed his life to following Jesus when he was sixteen years old. At about the same time, he started playing the guitar. His faith and his music have been intertwined ever since, but usually subtly. He covers a variety of topics, often ranging outside the category of typically “Christian” music. Tom writes about love, struggle, hope, pain, beauty, people he’s met over a lifetime, and people he would have liked to meet, including many in the Gospel stories.

Tom began his adult life as a special education teacher. But a desire to live the Gospel more radically led him to join a monastic community in 1982. His 23 years as a monk have had a profound effect on his life, and rooted him deeply in Scripture, prayer and study. He also travelled extensively outside his monastery, preaching and singing throughout the U.S. and beyond.

In 2005, Tom left the monastery and returned to teaching until 2018, when he retired and moved to Florida with his wife Lee. He regularly visits her quilting and fabric store-- to help out some, but mostly to enjoy the beauty!

Throughout his life Tom has performed in many different settings, and has made ten recordings of original music. In his retirement, he looks forward to a using his skills to proclaim the goodness of God and the reality of Christ alive and with us. His most recent recording is a song cycle on the life of Jesus, Witnesses. 


"For over twenty-five years Tom Renaud’s music has inspired, challenged, comforted, and spurred me on. We all need companions on our spiritual journeys to give us hope and to point a path forward. I am grateful to Tom and his music for doing both."
                                             Eric Haarer, Monk and Catholic Priest
                                                  Spiritual Life Institute, Colorado

"Tom Renaud is a Christ-centered man of God who brings beautiful music to our ears and hearts… Not only is he an excellent guitarist and singer but he breathes out peace, serenity, hope and faith through his songs and testimonies of his life."  
                                             Rev. Elaine H. Cho
                                                  La Canada United Methodist Church

"Tom Renaud’s music resonates with the human spirit. His music transcends communities, cultures, and creeds." 

                                            Rev. Dr. Judith Saunders, Baptist Minister
                                                 Kentville, Nova Scotia

"Tom Renaud has spent a large portion of his life both as a songwriter and in the contemplative practice of the monastery. The songs that emerge from this background are deep, rich, inspiring, uplifting and as well-crafted as a fine piece of furniture."
                                           Don Richmond, Musician
                                                  Alamosa, Colorado