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About Tom Renaud


Tom Renaud fell in love with the guitar early in his life, and began playing steadily at age 16. By now he’s racked up over 50 years on his chosen instrument, and has been writing songs for almost as long.

Tom started out as a teacher, but his life took a unique turn. He became a monk for 25 years, living in monastery/retreat centers in Arizona, Colorado, Nova Scotia, and Ireland. He was privileged to live in beautiful wilderness areas, developing a great love for nature’s beauty. He also worked with his hands extensively, learning construction, carpentry and woodcarving. And all the while he developed his guitar playing and wrote.

As part of his retreat work, Tom traveled around the U.S., Canada and Europe. Everywhere he went, he used his music to communicate with and uplift others. In 1998 he and his friends recorded a CD with Nova Scotian folk duo Evans and Doherty—mostly his originals. It received national airplay in Canada. In 2003 he performed his songs at the Brendan Kennelly Poetry Festival in Ireland.

In 2005 Tom left the monastery. He was married in 2008, and taught high school students in California. He recently retired, and is now living in Florida. Music continues to be his passion and his favorite work. He performs for a wide variety of audiences. His most recent recording is a live album, “Watercolor”.